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Hughes 500 E for JetCat PHT2

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Please contact us about deliver time ! Will be Produce at order. Please contact us about deliver time ! Will be Produce at order.


The Hughes 500 fuselage is delivered with a complexs painted finish and is almost ready built. (Various color variants available) The construction of fuselage and the installation of the mechanics is possible in very short time. The mechanics are fixed on a very light and stable carbon box which is integrated into the fuselage cell. The front part is held with six pins and four strong magnets, which make the accessibility without tools very simple. The fusalege l is made of a mix of glass fiber and carbon fiber (80%)!

The 1700ml tank is integrated into the carbon box, with the 100ml hopper tank you have a total of 1800ml fuel available. A carbon mount for a clean arrangement of turbine electronics, servo's, flybarless gyro, receivers, turbines and receiver batteries, as well as a carbon mount for the rear swashplate servo's and the tail rotor servo is included. Various brackets for the hoses, fuel filter, fuel pump etc. are included in the package.

A torque tube and tail rotor is also included. The tail boom is connected directly to the PHT-2 mechanics with the included aluminum brackets. This allows the mechanic, including the tail boom, to be inserted and removed together very easy. That makes it easy for maintainance The mechanics can be built in and out with only a few screws in a minimum of time.

Package includes:

Fuselage, T- Tailfin , skids -> ready painted! Fiber glas tank Carbon R/C mount with various holders forfuel lines , filters, hoses, etc. Carbon servo mount rear Exhaust pipe Heat protection isulation mat Lever for the swash plate Servo's Linkage for servo and swash plate (up to the swash plate) The swash plate, driver and rotor head are not included in the package! Tail boom holder for PHT mechanics Tail boom Torque Tube Tail rotor Genesis Tail rotor blades 115mm Tail rotor linkage 2mm Cfk Various fasteners

The complete fuselage is handmade MADE IN GERMANY!

Technical specifications:

Weight: fuselage completely ready for flight (fueled): ca 9,3 Kg. Length: ca.1540mm (without rotor blades) Width: (with runners): approx.440mm Height: (with stabilizer): approx. 610mm


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